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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Zoo Friends

My work bestie Becky and her niece, Zooey Deschanel*,  went with us to the zoo where we had a grand old time. Mostly I'm really bad at taking pictures at the zoo and therefore, have no pictures to post. But this time between the two of us, we conquered...sorta. The little girls were pretty cute together. The big girls also got along, but just not as adorably.
*Some names have been changed to protect the innocent.
Two little monkeys and one primate.

Yeah, besties hold hands.

Ok, let's get going guys...

I let the seal do most of the work.


Say what?

Love this face! She loved the train.

Also loved the Carousel!

Becky introduces Molly to the wonder of running water.

All the cool kids touch the giant marble water ball.

Awww! Great day at the zoo with cute girls! 


  1. What cute girls!! Thanks for convincing Becky to take Zooey Deschanel with you :) Glad you had fun!

  2. They are just SO DARN CUTE!!!

  3. Aha! I found a way to contact you! :) Thank you so so so much for thinking of Emily on her birthday! Your gift was so thoughtful and the kindness made me a little teary eyed.

    I hope that all is well in your world!!!

    Lots of love, Noelle